Elliot McDaniel | Tage

Elliot McDaniel, better known as Tage (Tage Future, Syllable Psychotic, SyllaPsy), is an American rapper, producer, and songwriter. He is a member of rap group MHz Legacy, along with rappers Copywrite, Jakki, Camu Tao (RIP), and renowned producer/dj RJD2. MHz Legacy is known as the first rap group from Columbus, Ohio to be recognized internationally. They released their underground classic “Tablescraps” in 2001.

In 2007, Tage released his first solo mixtape entitled, “Highly Recommended Vol.1”, an ode to the late great hip hop producer Jay Dee, by whom Tage was greatly inspired.

In 2010, while being featured on songs with partner-in-rhyme Copywrite, Tage released his first EP, entitled “Rise & Shine”, currently on iTunes and other digital outlets.

In 2012, Tage along with his group released their self-titled album, MHz Legacy. It received critical acclaim, being rated as one of the “Top 25 hip hop albums of 2012” by well-known site, and was given an “XL” rating by popular hip hop publication XXL. Also in 2012, Tage was featured on the children’s album, “We Are Different” by Kennard Garrett, working with Meelah Williams of the platinum-selling R&B group 702.

In 2013 Tage released a digital EP entitled Steady Approaching, and his debut solo album Contagion will be releasing in fall 2017.